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Galaxy Diagnostics, Inc., the science leader in sample enrichment powered testing solutions for elusive flea and tick-borne pathogens, is the exclusive provider of the Lyme Borreliosis Nanotrap® Urine Test


This first-of-its-kind Lyme Antigen test provides the most sensitive direct detection of Borrelia burgdorferi infection at all stages of the disease.  The test provides advantages blood serum testing does not, namely:

  • Identifies positive cases missed by CDC-recommended Two-Tiered Testing (TTT)

  • Reduces concern for false positive results via direct detection of OspA proteins

  • Easy to collect urine samples


The revolutionary test greatly increases the likelihood of Lyme detection via innovative Nanotrap® technology developed by CERES Nanosciences. Nanotrap® particles capture and concentrate low abundance Outer Surface Protein A (OspA) in urine samples, followed by confirmation using a highly sensitive Western blot.

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